35 Smart DIY Storage Ideas For Tiny Bathroom

Have small bathrooms is often difficult for you, but you do not consider yourself unlucky. You only need a few tricks and start thinking creatively to design it in a proper way to get rid of all the clutter. This is a smart way to make it stylish and creating enough storage space even in a small bathroom. We know that there are many things we need to save in bathroom, whether it toiletries, towels, even the makeup tools. Although here you will not be able to put some large closet storage, but you’ll see them will be a place where that work similarly. This post will show clever storage ideas show how you can organize a small space more functional, cool, budget-friendly, and some of them can even be a DIY project.

You can utilize the smallest area and hidden in the bathroom and turn it into extra storage place, such as under a closet, above or behind closed doors, even inside the wall or bathroom mirror. Another way is easiest to make a couple of wall shelves, baskets, or hang it on the ceiling of your bathroom. Here are 35 best bathroom storage that you can try for your next storage ideas, maybe one of them is your favorite!

source: pinterest


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