5 Smart Thinking Ways To Bathroom Gardening

Space is increasingly narrow and increasingly limited area of the house often makes you have to put aside the desire to have a garden in the backyard. This is not surprising because you would prefer to use the backyard as a garage or additional room. If you are a person who enjoys gardening, it will be very difficult. But space limitations do not mean that you can not set up a green area because with a bit of clever thinking the unpredictable room like a bathroom can also be the best gardening means. Try to see the bathroom, no matter how small your bathroom is because the important thing is your bathroom has a window that allows sunlight to go inside. Here are five smart ways to gardening bathroom that you can apply yourself at home to get a green area that you dream about. Get inspired!

Use The Shelf

Rack hanging on the bathroom walls not only be used as a place toiletries. If there are parts that are still empty, use to put a small pot where your favorite plants. Plants will make your bathroom fresher.

Use Window Area

If your bathroom has a fairly large window, place the plant near the window. It also makes you no longer need to remove plants when she needs sunlight. Plants will also slightly block out the sun to avoid blinding your bathroom.

Hanging In The Shower

No containers to put it? Use the shower area as a hanging plant. In addition to simple, this idea will also save a lot of space.

Use Side Table

If your bathroom is wide enough then add the side table as a place to put the plants. Choose plants in pots that are not too big.

Use The Sink Area

In addition to shelves, another place that you can use to lay the plant is the sink. Damp sink area actually keeps the plant fresh and not short of water.


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