6 Transformation Girl Bedrooms From Time To Time That Inspires

Trends decorating do change from time to time. All interior designers continue to race to keep up with the trends, including the decoration of the girl bedroom that is constantly changing. Young people are indeed among the intense follow the trend because they are happy with the changes and things that smell modern. They will easily follow trends because young people are always happy with the development. They bring a trend that hits in decorating her bedroom, as summarized in the transformation of a girl’s bedroom that continues to undergo the changes below. This post will inspire you how decorating trends continue to grow or even we can still pick up some ideas from the past for today’s bedroom. Let’s see what’s interesting here!

The Sixties

The 60s tend to like their idol posters, like Beatles posters. Daily tools also adjust the existing technology at that time, such as typewriters and transistor radios. Meanwhile, in the era of teenagers at that time often cut magazines or newspapers that show a thing that likes.

The Seventies

Like the previous generation adolescents, teenagers also like the 70s generation idol posters. At that time, the band Rolling Stones ruled the music trend and much in demand. Equipment in the room began to progress, such as the tape recorder. In addition, began to emerge pop-art themes as a work of art interest. Knitted model blankets also became a juvenile favorite in his time.

The Eighties

In the 80s, this teenage girls’ bedroom preferred pastel colors. The color is increasingly giving the impression of girly and feminine in his room. Walkman and television became an important entertainment in teenage rooms. They love to express their love of music.

The Nineties

This 90s generation girls tend to have more complete furniture. Because there are TV and computer that became important entertainment from the 90s generation. Technological sophistication began to grow rapidly. Teenagers began to touch computer technology. From the original walkman, now switched to portable CD player.

The Noughties

Teenage girls in this millennium generation era have diverse equipment. The collection of his room was more vibrant. The existence of lava lamps, glow in the dark sticker lights, and dream catcher hooks add to life in the room. Portable CD Player is not the time, now they switch to IPod.


Teenagers are now aware and technology literate. As if they can not be released in their daily life. See, there are various electronic devices in this teens room includes laptop, flat screen TV, smart phone, and tablet. Not only that, teenagers are now literate in appearance. They have started to collect makeup and beauty tools completely.


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