Attic Cabinet With Industrial Style By Luis Branco

Do you want cool furniture for Christmas and New Year? This is attic cabinet that will perfect your holiday with cool and stylish furniture. Featured by Behance, Luis Branco, a product and furniture designer from Viana do Castelo, Portugal has really amazed me with its furniture design collections, especially consoles, sideboard and cabinets that are not only beautiful but also have high artistic value. Attic cabinet is one of his works that seize my attention, besides the north console and corbusier which became a classic example of modern style. If we notice, some products and furniture industry using this style for some of his work. But Luis does not fully use industrial materials for his work, he combines several natural elements such as wood particles to give a traditional impression. As a fan of the product and industrial design, I am very pleased to be shared for the furniture of your Christmas and New Year. Let’s check!

visualizer: luis branco


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