Bright Bedroom With Collage Wall Decorations

I love how the bedroom decor is able to bring a charming summer atmosphere. The bedroom is located in an apartment with owners who are obsessed to rearrange their space. As the summer is coming, the decision to brighten a little thing I thought was the right decision. One of the highlights here may be that you can see the collage walls of Urban Outfitters, their art is now out of the charts because so many nice inventions, posters and photos are truly unique. Do not forget some of the best plants in the room made the bedroom was cool, perhaps you will find some plant jasmine wonderful farmers market in India, according to the owner they are very obsessed with this plant because the plant smells are not real and just make the whole apartment feel lighter. The addition of a new, very light weight blanket fits perfectly with the weather this summer and is not too hot at night. Here’s a bright bedroom gallery for your inspiration to create delightful summer décor. Let’s check it out!

source: bytezza


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