Cozy And Stylish Kids Room With Built-In Beds

A modern and cozy kids room is essential for their lives. Kids room also means a small world for those who will accompany how his personality, his world view, and his future are formed. An interior designer and visualizer, Alesya Kasianenko says “We are what we eat” – a well-known phrase, a consonant analogue that “We are what surrounds us.” This is the main slogan and motto of this project and my credo in the work. A comfortable and pleasant atmosphere is the goal of a kids room project.

I really like how to apply modern design but not excessive, stylish and relevant, but the decisive quality when creating kids room will be a comfort. Soft design, bright colors, bright accents, natural materials, natural light, abundance of natural light, all these are small components of a comfortable kids room. I am deeply in love with the built-in beds and how they work, it’s like kids have their own playroom and they’ll be happy to dream. Do not stop there, designers want to teach children to love pets early, a canopy shaped cat bed will be difficult to miss.


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