Functional 2-in-1 Life Clocks To Emergency Disasters

Disasters and emergencies can come at any time, and are we ready to deal with them then? The clock features a functional two-in-one design as it comes with an emergency combo from Seoul design firm SWNA. They named this product Life Clock, coolest timekeeper is equipped with a set of tools designed specifically for use in the event of a natural disaster. SWNA has collaborated with Korea Gyeonggido Company (KGC) in Life Clock as a way to encourage their citizens to keep emergency supplies in their homes, especially since the area is prone to natural disasters. Who would have thought that this small clock comes stocked with an aluminum heat blanket, a medical information card, compression bandages, a torch, a whistle and a book of safety information. Designers collect content from disaster preparedness packages on the recommendation of emergency officials and medical and disaster specialists.

“Although several years ago a number of disasters, like Sewol disaster, Gyeongju earthquake, and Pohang earthquake have raised interest – most Koreans did not have disaster goods,” SWNA founder Sukwoo Lee told Dezeen. “We thought that it was important to recognize that disasters could happen to us and that it was important for disaster supplies to co-exist with our lives in everyday life rather than something special.”

Life Clock design that is simple but looks very comfortable and striking is an interesting choice. The device with a dual purpose is reportedly in great demand after a magnitude 5.4 earthquake that struck North Gyeongsang Province in November.

“Survival kits should not be heavy. They also shouldn’t be neglected,” KGC CEO Kim Eun-ah told the Korean Herald. “They should be immediately visible when needed and should be easy to carry.”

Life Clock can be hung on the wall or stand on a flat surface, this clock is now available in red, blue and gray. It measures 8 x 8 inches weighing two kilograms less. If you are interested they are available starting price of $ 39.

source: apartmenttherapy


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