Unique Lamps That Look Delicious From Real Bread

I never thought it was real bread that looks delicious as well as the lights. This unique lamp design is the creation of Japanese artist Yukiko Morita who has presented her latest innovative product, Pampshade. Handmade lamp made from real bread. Inspired of her love of bread, give encouragement and a strong influence on the creation of this project. You certainly do not believe that the materials used in making these lamps include wheat, salt, yeast, LED lights and batteries, which are then coated with a resin layer to prevent bread from decaying. After gathering a lot of attention after Tokyo design week where first introduced her design, Morita has developed seven projects Pampshade current design. She started by baking bread as usual, carving out the interior as little as, and finally coating the bread with resin. The product is then controlled by adjusting the shape and texture of the bread. Once everything is done, the electrical circuit is installed according to the shape of the lamp. Here’s an real bread lamps gallery that is not only unique, but also looks really delicious. You agree?

source: designboom


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