10 Ways To Add Botanical Trends For Minimalist Stairs

There are many ways to decorate your staircase, and the inclusion of botany trend is the best alternative that you can do. Nowadays decorative plants like to be part of the decor, its diverse types with many color choices make it easier for us to determine the plants suitable for the theme of the room. If you are happy with activities including gardening then add some ornamental plants on the steps seem to be attractive, while plants will automatically keep the air clean and fresh. Stairs are usually free area leaving only the walls to decorate, but with a little creative there are still many things we can do to play around with the design of the staircase. The idea of indoor plants is very popular for modern home styles, and if you are confused how to add this trend to your ladder or the easiest way to put some ornamental plants.

Here are 10 staircase ideas with botanical trends that might help you. They are very easy to manufacture and do not take long. The main point you have to choose the type of plants according to the design of your stairs and other plants are easy in maintenance, curious as to what? Let’s check.

1. Selection of plant pot color matching the color of the stairs you can do to give the impression of chic and elegant.

2. This idea is my favorite, you can add a wall shelf at the top as a place to store houseplants.

3. Want to save more space or your staircase is really narrow to leave little place for plants? You can try hanging plant pots on the wall by adding a hook.

4. Create living space on staircases with botanical trends, some tropical plants are perfect for this style.

5. This is the easiest way to plant stairs, just put them on the stairs from bottom to top. Cactus and succulent plants are the most popular plants.

6. Take advantage of the wall divider on the stairs as a hanging plant like this, this way will beautify an empty area that you may never think about.

7. If the design of your stair is really small and does not allow for the plant, placing houseplants in the bottom of the stairs can be an alternative. In addition to looking beautiful will also refresh the room.

8. There is no limit to be creative, you can choose any kind of plants for decorating stairs.

9. Not just the parts of stairs or walls that you can add ornamental plants, stair railings can also be a unique idea for your project.

10. If you do not like the elaborate decorations, just place one large plants for the overall design of the staircase.


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