20 Colorful Dutch Doors With Farmhouse Style

Dutch doors have been around since the 17th century, initially this door very easily be encountered in farmhouses to keep animals and children came. Currently Dutch doors are increasingly popular because the design of this door is versatile, the bottom can be closed while the open top allows fresh air to enter and clear obstacles at the same time. When the hardware is connected locked, both parts act as one becomes a solid door. If the Dutch doors usually only use neutral colors like black or white, then today I want to invite you make it look more beautiful with more bold colors. Two doors means you have the pleasure of double with four sides to play with colors and features such as window panels.

If you want to make a statement with your door, try thinking about more colors and maybe patterns. Create different colors on both sides, for example black with bright yellow, white with bright green or choose pastel colors for the whole door. Dutch doors are also good in the house, as an access point or a divider to a private room as a home office or bedroom. This door is also very good in the kitchen, making pets safe when you want to keep it from hot oil or kitchen equipment that may be dangerous. Here are some of my favorite colorful Dutch doors, if you have one at home, maybe giving the bright colors will make it even more beautiful.


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