20 Eclectic Bohemian Gardens For Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Many people use Bohemian style for their home, living room, bedroom or even sleep. But do you know if this time Bohemian style is also popular for the outdoor area. Bohemian garden theme can be an alternative that can provide outside your space some bright and eclectic aesthetics with ethnic nuances. This decoration is not only unique, it offers a strange atmosphere that can also be very soothing. There are many ideas for creating a Bohemian garden, such as adding ethnic pieces such as dressers, pillows, carpets, sofas, cabinets and tables placed in your garden. As for plants, you can choose fertile flowers and trees, such as rose, hydrangea, lavender, dahlia, and bamboo for an exotic appearance. This idea will really help add to the feel of Bohemian and give freshness to your outdoor space.

If you want a park that is truly Bohemian, just add some vintage items to your outdoor Bohemian theme. Use your old items such as old doors, windows, lights, even storage shelves as plant pots. A hammock or Bohemian carpet can be a sweet addition to your outdoor space. Bohemian garden is perfect for those of you who want to have a party or dinner with family, enjoy comfort in your boho style, whether it’s with pillows and blankets or a set of chairs for your garden party. Today I like to share Bohemian garden decoration ideas that will help you to create a more stylish outdoor space. Look and find what is your favorite!

source: pinterest


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