20 Peaceful And Calming Ramadan Lights Decoration

Today is a holy month for Muslims around the world, and in this month of Ramadan I hope there is no more war and we all live in peace. For those of us who are fortunate to celebrate Ramadan, prepare the right decoration to make your mood calmer and your fasting becoming more blessed. If last year you still let your house without decorating Ramadan, then I hope after seeing this post you will be inspired to start adding some magical touches to this year’s Ramadan decoration.

Ramadan Kareem is often likened to a glorious holy month, in this month our patience and faith is thoroughly tested with a full month of fasting. Ramadan lights decoration is the first thing that I thought to start Ramadan with full of joy, Ramadan light is simply furnished but is able to make us feel at ease and give light to the empty heart. Various Ramadan lights can be found here, usually the Middle East style like Moroccan or Arabian, even some of the lighting design was also influenced by the Asian style. Candles, lanterns, chandeliers, and Ramadan lamps will be a beautiful decoration of your home. No need to spend a lot of investment for decorating, as some are DIY projects as well.

Before closing our post today, I would like to say “Marhaban yaa Ramadan, Congratulations perform the fasting service of 1439 Hijriah for Muslim visitors around the world”. I am very concerned about our brothers who are still suffering from war and famine, and I pray that the light of Ramadan can also be felt. Islam is peaceful and beautiful.


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