A Private City Garden With Beach Vibes

Ever dreamed of owning a private city garden, when it’s hard to take time off and enjoy a nice weekend getaway. It started raining right now, and I know how to capture all the beauty that God has given. There is a wisdom when the back garden is full of wild plants, my garden will drink it, the grass will turn green and maybe my channel will be a little waterlogged. It is okay, with all the promised gifts, I imagine to have a private city garden with a beautiful beach vibe like the new landscape design “Bondi” by Adam Robinson Design below.

From the designers,

“The garden was planned along with the home renovations for synergy. Great connection from inside to out. Lush coastal, understated beach vibe. Washed out timbers, natural stone and relaxed planting palette. Main large plants are Olive, large bird of paradise, Banksia and Bamboo. Winning combo for a beach vibe. Large built in BBQ with concrete bench-top. Works well for entertaining having the large bench as well as storage underneath. Even though a semi detached home and neighbours aren’t far away we have created a privacy sanctuary for all members of the family. The garden feels apart of the home with the Bamboo that wraps around the living room, providing an incredible fitered sunlight and shadows.”


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