Adorable And Friendly Giant Octopus For Imaginative Play

It’s hard to say not to fall in love with the giant octopus from Dutch artist Florentjin Hofman. He is known for his animal sculptures large scale, which has been marked in major cities from London to Shanghai. This time Hofman launched the latest large-scale animal design, this time with a playscape function for Vanke Group’s One City development in the centre of Yantian, Shenzhen. For ‘Kraken’, the artist collaborated with Shanghai team from UAP studio to build a very large and immersive drama in eight legs and head octopus. If we hear the Kraken, at first glance it sounds creepy from the mythological sea creatures but who would have thought this one Kraken has a very friendly appearance.

Kraken forms an interesting and fun space for children and adults. The strange form of Hofman’s imaginative work is indeed taken from the history of the site, which until now is still in place by the former carrier which became the theme of the park. Hofman worked hard with the team at the UAP for the entire design, floating, and fabrication projects. Kraken is now anchored as a place to play imajnatif for families to explore, visitors enter through the tentacles character playscape, where they hike through the gorge of the net. Upon arriving at the top, a very comfortable large space can be played on the round head of the kraken. This space provides enough space to play.

source: designboom


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