Adorable Luriga Night Light From IKEA

Somehow from IKEA products can always make me fall in love, whether because their products are really designed with care or for IKEA products can not only be used for one purpose. We all know a lot other than there are a thousand ways to hack on one of IKEA products, their products can also be used for all ages, including Luriga night light that will show you some love.

This raccoon-shaped sleeping light can be anything, even to express your love. Send a message to your partner with breakfast in bed. This romantic light will spread love, using built-in, dimmable LED. So when the light is on, you can squeeze the stomach raccoon to change the brightness. Even when you want to get a romantic light with your couple.

Remind yourself of love all day long. Just put Luriga where you can see it. And my favorite place is bedside tables, I think this can be an adorable sight for waking up. The children also love this raccoon light, Luriga gives children comfort because Luriga is more than just a frightening monster’s light. The night light can create a sense of calm from his rhythmic and pulsating, similar to a mother’s heartbeat. Luriga is currently available only with $ 15, and even comes with a rechargeable battery.


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