Beautiful Bohemian Nursery With Utilizing Used Goods

This bohemian nursery really inspires me through its simplicity and beauty. Paige Jones, is a photographer and mama behind this sweet nursery, a space full of miracles for babies and I think it’s also a time to share. Paige even offer a few tips for collecting and decorating a room so that mother and baby will find joy and peace. Almost every part of the room utilizes secondhand items, she is even able to print and convert many IKEA ideas via Craigslist. I am very happy that with all the expensive baby costs, but still allows creating a beautiful room without having to drain a lot of investment.

Paige said, may be further illustrate the peace and the feeling that I felt while being in this place, thinking about all that will happen, and memories that will be made in it. Our puppies really love to be there, they are very protective and will be the most incredible big brother for this sweet baby.

It is a cozy little nook that was right in front of the window, this is also a favorite place where mama and baby used to spend time together.

A few tips from Paige:

1. Craigslist is your best friend… We found our changing table/dress on craigslist FOR FREE and gave it a new paint job and new knobs
2. Save your money on truly important things like artwork and unique plants
3. Sweet gifts can be used as decor, I love styling our little DIY shelves with gifts from friends and family
4. Baskets, baskets, baskets!

source: 100layercakelet


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