Europe’s Very First Underwater Restaurant With Incredible Sea Landscape

I’m really fascinated by the concept of an underwater restaurant located on the southernmost point of Norway’s coastline. Designed by Swedish architect firm, Snøhetta, is the Europe’s very first underwater restaurant. Being in a restaurant, you will feel instantly close to the forces of nature, while also serving as a research center for marine life. This restaurant is like a tribute to the coast of Norway to explore the wild fauna ddan sea rocky coastline of Norway. Named “Under” could also be translated “Wonder”. Semicircular concave to the sea, building a monolithic design to solve the water surface to lie on the rugged coastline. If you think this is like an aquarium then you are wrong, the structure will be part of the marine environment.

You will come to rest directly on the seabed as deep as five meters below the water surface. With thick concrete walls, the structure is built to withstand the pressure and shock from rough sea conditions. As periscope sunken, large acrylic window offers the unique sights of the sea floor because of changes throughout the seasons and varying weather conditions. Through its building architecture, menu and mission to inform the public about marine biodiversity, Under will give you the underwater experience to inspire the sense of awe and excitement that will spoil all your senses.


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