Natural And Neutral Workspace In the Bedroom

For some people dream of working at home comfortably, but what if we do not have the extra space to do? A home office can be a favorite place because from here all the inspiration begins, but the home office does not always have to be a remote place. You can easily fit into your bedroom right now, as seen from Margo’s artist and illustrator room showing us how she works from home with a studio in her bedroom.

There are many works of art on the walls of the bed, Margo seems to want to blur the boundaries between work and their place to relax. I think this kind of workspace is very comfortable but still maintain harmony with the couple, let’s look further!

I love how Margo tries to mix between work and personal professionals using a favorite container to store essential tools including pots and vases she has collected over the years on her desk.

Chair are very important to support your work at home office, a FJALLBERGET chair very suitable and comfortable with bedroom decoration.

The choice of workspace in the bedroom determines the end result, and a table by the window makes the most of the natural light. For Margo to look out the window can inspire.

This workspace mostly uses neutral colors and many plants to create a soothing environment and a relaxed bedroom. Margo thought that the textures and natural colors make it easy to focus on during the day, and make it a beautiful room when they woke up.

“I like working at my desk while my husband is sitting on the bed, reading a book. It’s nice that we are able to share the space.”

source: ikea


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