NoHo Bachelor Loft With Stylish Gray Accents

If during this bachelor loft is always synonymous with dark decoration and a touch of leather, then the apartment located on Great Jones Street in the heart of NoHo offers something different. This apartment is designed for the perfect and ambitious young Manhattan people, who want a home with all the conveniences specially designed. Although they usually do not have time to do a lot of renovations, this rental apartment is a solution for those who need it. Interior designer Mara Silber knows that her design is perfect for those who are youthful, especially for young bachelors in their early 30s who have a creative side, an interest in art and literature, and enhance their decoration into something cool and fashionable.

Starting when she moved into a two bedroom apartment, Silber knew it was time to ask the help of an expert designer to help create a suitable home for a bachelor. The gray accent became her favorite color, looking stylish and in keeping with modern New York life. Silber and her clients work together to create an elegant space and can entertain many people but feel comfortable and relaxed. Luxury rental with direct access to the key lift, white oak floors, ceilings up to the window, eastern exposure, and ceilings 11 feet is enough to be an amazing home. This is what a bachelor needs to live in, a home that does not have to be always dark but still stylish for those looking for a sense of comfort.

source: mara silber

photo: sean litchfield


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