Sol’s Home Office Desk With All You Need

Solid wood furniture manufacturers from Austria, Team 7 really pay attention to product quality while still paying attention to the wise use of resources that are managed sustainably. Seen from one of their flagship products for a home office desk, promoting their love for wood while giving you more profit. This table is really functional, whether you want to stand free, or supported by your feet. Sol is a perfect friend in all areas of life, with a very clear design. Desk has two shells connected together, one made of wood, while others are covered skin becomes brilliant combination. Sol writing surface can be pulled out and locked in position on the final two. In a long time, it offers enough space to sit comfortably, while providing easy access to a smart interior. For your lighting needs, there is a dimmable LED lighting that provides all you need, and to keep it tidy, a Stricktex tube bundles loose cable.

For those of you who work at home, prepare for all that this desk has to offer. It’s never been so beautiful or very comfortable as you can get with this desk. Equipped with an electric socket with USB connection and innovative Qi charging technology for wireless charging of smartphones and tablets. To make the organization easier, the Tool Box, milled pen holder and secret compartment are all you need.


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