Wes Anderson Visual Movie Sets In Real Architecture

Wesley Wales Anderson or often known as Wes Anderson is a director, producer, scriptwriter and actor of the United States. The main reason he became very famous because he is known as a director with a narrative film and a unique visual film. If you include a fan of visual works by director Wes Anderson’s then you will be surprised that a lot of his work is now embodied in real life through a unique architectural style. First shared on the Reddit site, users from around the world share their photos of hotels, buildings, sights or even people who seem to be part of the next Wes Anderson film.

Since its launch, subreddit has grown and more than 100 other images reminiscent of the iconic films such as Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore has also been submitted. Curious as to what would happen if the visuals that exist only in the movie was also we can find in real life? Here are some of Wes Anderson’s visual styles that really exist today. Let’s check!

source: trendland


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