10 Creative Ways To Hanging Bicycle On The Wall

Wall art sometimes comes from unexpected ideas, and it is on this wall that you can display all your creativity without restrictions. If all this time wall art is always identical to photo frames, wood carvings or wall paint, then today I want to inspire you with bicycle wall art. Yes, bicycle? You are not mistaken, this is the wall art for you who like sports, especially cycling. Nowadays, many bikes are popular with all people, besides being practical and inexpensive, cycling is also the most effective sport to stimulate all of our body’s muscle movements in burning fat and refreshing the mind. There is no limitation in displaying art on the walls, especially if you want to show your interests and hobbies with the bike hanging on the wall in a creative way.

Today I have collected 10 of the most unique ways to hang a bicycle on a wall. Do you really want to make it as a bicycle storage or you just want a wall art with your old bicycle, I’m sure you will like hanging a bicycle like me.

1. Adding some greenery and flowers at your bike can also be an alternative, this will bring a fresh nuances such as when you are cycling out

2. The bicycle wall frames are truly unique for hanging your bicycle, this idea is my favorite because besides being easy, it also looks integrated with wall art

3. Whatever your room, hang your bike can still do. The key, place or hang a bicycle on a higher wall so as not to interfere with all your activities in the house

4. This Scandinavian-style room increasingly looks charming with bicycle decorations on the wall. This idea is also suitable for cafes and coffee shops

5. Who says industrial-style spaces cannot hang bicycles, this is perfect for those of you who crave a man’s cave with shabby chic decor

6. Beautify your bedroom with a bicycle like this, your room will look more unique

7. Try using some bold color to emphasize the bicycle display on the wall, a combination of bright and dark colors are the best idea

8. It’s for you who love modern style, hang your bike in the apartment instead will make the room more cool

9. Hanging a bicycle in a corner will save a lot of space if your house is really small. In this way, you can still put some furniture such as cabinets, chairs or tables with permanent art display wall bike

10. Minimalist space looks more elegant with a bicycle on the wall. One look, every person who comes to your house will know if you are a person who likes to exercise


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