10 Creative Ways To Planting Ideas Without Need Garden

This season is the best season for gardening, but what if you really don’t have a garden to start? Here are 10 of the most creative ways to planting ideas that will help you make your home more green, provide real vegetables, and give you more fresh air when it’s hot outside. Make your home more fun with simple ideas that will make a lot of changes to your life, and of course you don’t really need a garden.

1. Bar cart gives you more space with an easier way. You can group several plants or vegetables according to the shelves available, they are also easy to move

2. The hydroponic planting system is currently popular, you can even invite children to learn and participate in caring for plants. Stan gardens are not too high is the best choice because it is easily accessible to kids

3. Windows are best for planting all kinds of plants, use modern hanging racks and place them in the window area, they will grow fast because they get more sunlight

4. Choose plants that are easy to grow indoors, and lemons are one of them. This fruit has health benefits, while trees will beautify your room

5. Many of my ideas are inspired by IKEA, and this is one of them. IKEA Lacko with storage shelving unit will resolve your problem of limited space

6. Beautify your living room with indoor plants. Use a wall wire to hang your collection of plants, this is very functional as well as a natural looking dividing wall

7. Some DIY projects are easy and cheap choices to get whatever you want. One of these container planters is made of simple wood pallets

8. Ever seen a walk in closet from a simple pipe? If so, you can use it to hang beautiful plant pots, and you still have space below for a few more plants

9. Still from the IKEA collection, this time came from the help of IKEA Ekrar coat and hat stand. Using clear vases that are hung as plant forgings provides a unique aesthetic for your room

10. The idea of a glass cabinet for a plant like this is truly brilliant. Apart from saving a lot of space, your plants will also be safer from diseases and pests


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