20 Creative Ways To Use IKEA Drona Boxes Into Kids Room

Organizing kids rooms is not as easy as we imagine, always things that make their rooms mess, whether it’s because of toys, clothes or even their favorite books. As parents, sometimes dealing with things like this is often frustrating and tiring. For this reason you need a functionally designed storage solution to avoid the chaos caused by children. Fortunately, many furniture stores that sell storage cabinets for children, while you can also create your own traditional storage furniture. If it’s still not enough, you can enter several storage boxes that are not only practical but also very functional.

IKEA Drona boxes is one that you must have at home, this is a piece that is good size for slightly larger objects such as clothing, children’s accessories and toys. A practical solution that makes it easy for you to manage everything your kids need without a lot of noise. These boxes are available in various colors according to what you need for the children’s room scheme, you can also decorate them with a number of DIY inspirations by adding stickers, wrapping paper or other cloth to beautify the look of the storage box. Here are 20 most creative IKEA Drona box ideas that you have to try at home, hopefully helping!


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