20 Unique Ways To Hide Your Wires Into Wall Art

Sometimes we often feel annoyed when the wires fall apart in our homes and will become a separate problem. The problem is, irregular wires will reduce the beauty of the room inside our house. And not only that, cables that are not in a place that should be able to endanger our family members, especially children. We all know what a big deal to disguise wiring in our homes. The best way is maybe you can tidy it up with cable clamps. But it turns out that there are more unique ways to wires organize to make them look more beautiful. You might never have imagined before if the annoying cable problem could turn into cool wall art, we carefully collected each idea and created the illusion that everything would be perfect.

In many cases, adding a TV and media center will damage your cable layout. But I am trying to get interesting and useful DIY wire projects that can help you, and this time I have found a hidden wires solution that you can try. The easiest way is to make a variety of creative designs that involve cables to add value to the wall and change the plain electrical wires into the wall art. Other creative choices you can give a decorative touch to the cable such as adding leaf or bird decorations. I want to invite you to explore this unique idea and express your creativity freely to get the best wire decorations. Scroll down and enjoy!


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