25 Rustic Fencing Ideas To Make Sure Your Garden Safe

Whether you realize it or not, fences and gates are very important if you have a small garden or farm in the backyard. The fence will keep your garden and livestock from the threat of foxes or pests that are often disturbing, this also applies to making children always safe when they do outdoor activities. I currently want to build a long-term fence for our backyard. Some ideas are very practical by using wooden pallets with chicken wire to keep them safe from visiting foxes, although this time I want to find a truly affordable garden fence idea, even I want to make it myself.

Usually children do like to wander around the gardens and I think it is a positive activity as long as they remain safe. This fence is fun, we can take care of our plants and livestock during the late fall and winter, while when spring arrives, we will start planting vegetable seeds and shoots appearing on the flower beds. When all the activities it started, I just wish we still feel comfortable without having to think any disturbance. Today I have collected the most beautiful fence and rural gate ideas on Pinterest. I have started to find what I want from a rural fence, and if possible I want you to be inspired too.


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