30 Modern Interior Design With Japanese Influences

I see many modern interiors that are influenced by Japanese style. This is evident from several countries such as Brazil which has the largest Japanese community and Europe are trying to combine Scandinavian interior with Japanese influences. This trend has been popular for a while and I am sure that in the future many interior designers and architects will apply this style to their designs. It combines clean lines and neat Japanese design aesthetics with various interior styles. Although this looks irregular, but a combination of several interior styles and the influence of Japan gave the impression that unique and modern in every room. The easiest way to gain Japanese influence is to bring more natural elements into the interior. Ranging from bonsai trees to bamboo plants, to legendary Japanese art paintings which all blend with modern style today without eliminating elements of Japanese culture.

The interesting thing about Japanese interior style is that all elements have meaning, it is about living in harmony with nature consisting of rocks, trees, moss, rivers, and plants. Trying to incorporate Japanese influence is not an easy task, all of which must be carefully evaluated because incorporating various elements must be in accordance with Japanese culture. This translates into a warm wooden elements, organic shapes and simple, handmade wall art, indoor plants, and much more. Maybe the Japanese influence sounds unique to you and if you are curious, today I have collected 30 modern interior designs with Japanese influence. Get inspired!


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