34 Outdoor Bathroom Ideas That Feel Like A Vacation

Sometimes I think how lucky it is for those who live by the beach or mountains with amazing natural scenery. Outdoor shower has always been a common activity in beach houses, even a dip in the trees also become a routine that is always refreshing. Then what about those of you who live in cities or suburbs far from it all? The best way you can try to use your outdoor space, especially the backyard to make an outdoor bathroom. I see this trend emerging in locations that are locked mainland. The reason is, because there is nothing more relaxing than bathing in the open air, or like rinse under the stars, taking a steam bath with the scent of trees around you, so it’s like having an outdoor retreat that makes you feel like a vacation.

Now you don’t have to go far for a vacation, because a bath routine that is usually boring can be so fun with outdoor bathroom ideas. If by chance you like gardening, then you can make an outdoor bathroom in the middle of your garden. It’s very practical, even if you have a small backyard, just put a shower with some holiday accents such as stone, wood deck or tropical plants that like being at the beach. Soaking outdoors not only give you quality relaxation time, this method can also restore your stamina so you can always eager to execute your daily activities. Bring the holiday vibe to your bathroom, and you are free to enter any theme from traditional to modern. Likewise in size, whatever your choice, they remain an extraordinary idea. Let’s check it!


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