Artistic Resin Tables To Look Real Geode Slices

Inspired by nature, the desk series by Mrs Colorberry incorporated many natural worlds into their designs. Besides art, furniture that takes from nature is a trend nowadays, with wildlife, rivers and forests. This table collection looks like a geodes table that serves as a reflection and respect for the surrounding environment.

At first glance this table looks like a genuine slice of agate, Mrs Colorberry’s table is actually made of resin which is poured using natural sources such as crystals, stones, pigments, and luster. The combination of concentric designs and colorful Crystal structures found inside the rocks is the main attraction. His careful attention to detail and creative use of material culminates in a charming table that captures the astonishing aesthetics of natural geodes.

In addition to desks, Mrs Colorberry also use the resin to create stunning wall decor and special boards. She really likes resin geode art because of the catharsis of the artistic process and the beauty of the rocks themselves.

source: mymodernmet


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