Gratulera: A Collection Of Classic IKEA That Renewed And Timeless

GRATULERA 1950’s – 1960’s

It does not feel IKEA is present and has accompanied its customers for 75 years, during which time there have also been many developments in each of their products offered. And to celebrate IKEA’s 75th birthday, they came back with the classic GRATULERA collection.

Perhaps all of us long for this classic collection, the Gratulera of the 1950s and 1960s displayed many grim expressions in which dark wood dominated the classic line. But that is all you need to add a modern retro touch to your home. Like the STRANDMON chairs that come back with new colors.

GRATULERA 1970’s – 1980’s

IKEA also launched a collection Gratulera 70s – 80s, this brings us to reminisce with a limited edition through a series of furniture, lighting, tableware, and the mill thick, colorful and fun. Even if you happen to have an old KLIPPAN at home, now is your chance to renew it for the GRATULERA collection, the new sarong is available in a choice of bright yellow, bright red, and cool blue.

“In the 80s, designer Åsa Gray made some bold and beautiful patterns for IKEA.” He is one of our iconic designers and his style is very Scandinavian. I like carpets and chair cushions because they represent style at that time.”

Karin Gustavsson, IKEA Creative Leader

GRATULERA 1990’s – 2000’s

The 90s are my favorite because they still feel like yesterday. That year is probably a beautiful time and many furniture designs have sprung up and are still eternal today. For example the BJURÅN chair previously known as ÖGLA. The chair that was first launched in 1961 can be a real statement.

You can use this seat alone as a single color, or a set in some of your space.
For the GRATULERA collection in the 90-2000s this will feature furniture, textiles, tableware in Scandinavian style. But this edition is really limited, so if you want to make it into your collection, you should visit IKEA now.

“During the 90s, we used a more natural look. In my opinion, Thomas Sandell’s sculpture is so iconic. A small bench with wheels at one end, and a foot on the other, is a part of the design that many people want at that time.”

Karin Gustavsson, Creative Leader


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