Modern Cat Enclosure Designs From Indot

For those of you who consider pets to be part of the family, then you should look at modern cat cages designed by interior design firm, INDOT. They have successfully completed the special cat enclosure for their customers, a unique cat enclosure design that are part of the interior. Having a special room to be enjoyed by all cats adopted, it almost looks like a cat family enclosure. Minimalist design with wood and glass boxes has several doors to make it easier for cats to get in and out, supported by iron pipes and hung to allow cats to look out the window and through the balcony.

This cat enclosure has many facilities for cats to sleep and play, such as at one end of the enclosure there is a small glass box that protrudes from the wall of the enclosure, this area gives the cat a place to lie down and see the world around them. Like most cat box, here also provided a place for the cats hide when they’re do not want to be bothered or wanted to sleep. This is not just a cat cage but also a form of embodiment of the owner’s affection for his pet and integrating it with interior design.

source: contemporist


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