Public Floating Islands In Copenhagen

The water environment is the freest area for public areas, as seen on a floating island located in the harbor of Copenhagen that looks different life. Designed by Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish designer Magnus Maarbjerg, they imagined a platform measuring 20 square meters, floating on water. All parts are made of wood and consists of lime trees are still growing, this peaceful island is an initial plan for the project is even greater, which is called the Copenhagen Islands.

Obviously indeed, this design has the ambition to create some cellular space, floating and free from the public. It is intended that small islands will accommodate certain areas such as agriculture, saunas, cafes, and even shellfish farming, but can also be a place to hold festivals. A brilliant and ambitious idea to improve Danish harbor life.

After Copenhagen Islands is completed, a new type of urban space is introduced. Floating Islands will create unlimited possibilities for fun activities and daily exploration. The main objective is to renew the tradition of the pride of Danish port life, by strengthening social cohesion and awareness of maritime life around the harbor.

Each island has its own activities and functions, depending on its position in the port and time of year. Island users are free to determine the actual island use, and what functions they must have. This project is a reflection of creating a stronger focus on a good harbor environment, global climate change and increasing water levels which are all some of the biggest problems facing the world today.

source: milkdecoration, fokstrot


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