The Woodieful Chairs: Minimalist And Sustainable Design With Functionality

The Woodieful Chair is a minimalist and multifunctional wooden furniture with a timeless design that can meet all your needs. Designed by a trio of Slovenian Designers, Woodieful. This is a blend of minimalism, sustainable design and sophisticated functionality in its ability to adapt to inspire many uses to suit your personality and lifestyle.

Made using only natural ingredients, The Woodieful Chair more than a choice of seating. Can be turned into a table, shelf or bench. Rough square shape and softened by a round contemporary, while slots for reading material have been added to fulfill the function. It is made of high quality beech wood, which has been selected for its durability and endurance, able to bring warmth and sophistication in every room.

1. Use it as a Chair

Built primarily for sitting, it can hold up to 350 lbs (160 kg). Its diminutive shape allows for it to be easily tucked away. You can bring it out as a seat for that unexpected guest that always shows up late or as a place to sit comfortably and put on your shoes while you’re heading out the door.

2. Use it as a table

When used as a table, the Woodieful Chair becomes your new pop-up coffee table. Thanks to the functional space below, its storage function always comes in handy. Place it next to your bed and it becomes the optimal nightstand with ample room for reading materials or other necessities.

3. Use it as a shelf

Take advantage of the Woodieful Chair’s design and get creative. Fill the slots with your favourite magazines, personal record collection or anything you want to display and store in a personal way.


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