15 Attractive Firewood Storage Ideas For Outdoors

Even though it’s still autumn, there’s nothing wrong with preparing a fireplace for winter. I think the days outside had started to unfriendly, and when the temperature begins to fall then it is time to build a firewood storage. Preparing everything from scratch is better than going to cause trouble later on with a pile of firewood in your backyard or shed. Today I have put together the best firewood shelving and storage ideas, such as easy DIY wooden shelves, storage walls, simple firewood sheds and many more.

It’s almost time for the warm fire approaching winter. Let’s find firewood rack and creative storage ideas for outdoors. They are practical and functional, and who would have thought that firewood racks and storage could turn out to be so attractive too.

1. Showcase a masculine decor for your firewood rack with a dark round firewood rack that blends in with the exterior

2. Change your firewood storage into a cool outdoor decor. Create a storage wall and place it for an outdoor retreat. You can relax all day long while warming the day by the fireplace

3. At first glance, this firewood shed looks like a beautiful wooden house. Very creative idea if you want an unusual firewood storage area

4. Create your own firewood rack from recycled materials like this wooden crate that gives an outdoor living room a rustic look

5. Usually firewood is stored in the yard or garden, and this storage idea combines a pergola with the idea of firewood storage that blends in with the surrounding landscape

6. Tired of the usual firewood racks? then try to make a firewood rack with hexagonal shape. Besides being unique, this firewood rack idea can also accommodate a lot of firewood because of its size

7. This firewood rack does not take up much space and has a modern design. Shaped corner of the triangle, you can put it anywhere even on the front porch or backyard deck

8. Creating a firewood warehouse doesn’t always look messy. Take advantage of your outdoor corner to create a stylish firewood shed with elegant black accents

9. Under the stairs is the most practical area for storing any kind, including firewood. If you have a staircase outside then this firewood storage idea is worth considering

10. Creating a floating display for firewood storage is no less cool. If you don’t need a lot of space for storage, then this floating shelf idea is the best solution

11. Garden sheds are usually a place to store a variety of your gardening tools. But you can also use it to store firewood. This simple garden shrimp is very practical and easy to make, even looks stylish outdoors

12. Many people have outdoor kitchens for various events and purposes. Whether for a barbeque, outdoor party or whatever it is. So, storing firewood there should be on your to-do list

13. I like the idea of storing firewood because it looks like a playhouse. So, when the season warms up, this area can be used as a kids playground

14. This round firewood rack is not only practical because you can place firewood of different sizes, it also enhances the decoration of your outdoor space

15. Take advantage of every inch of the outdoor as a storage area for firewood, even furniture such as benches can also be used for storage areas that are in the empty part under the bench


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