15 Unusual Garden Decor To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor

Gardening is a fun activity in between your busy life. These activities help many people their gardening hobby, you can also make a little exercise. Ranging from children, adolescents to adults, they will be happy to see what they planted can flourish and grow big. Maybe all this time you only know about using ordinary gardening items such as flower pots, plant racks, standing plants, hanging pots, and many more. But did you know that in fact you are also gardening by utilizing unusual items to be transformed into awesome garden decorations with creative DIY garden decorations.

Many people want their garden decorations to look unique and different, which is why many creative people who try to recycle used and unused items are part of garden decorations. You will be surprised how old bike could create vintage-style garden decorations, old boot or shoe that looks unique as flower pots, and much more. Today I have collected 15 unusual garden decor to maximize your outdoor space to make it look more unique and inviting. Continue scrolling down for inspiration!

1. This old wardrobe can look chic with an adorable pink color, equipped with many drawers that allow planting more types of flowers or plants.

2. This old bike gives a vintage impression to your garden. Let the colors fade with the weather, and only add flower baskets to beautify the look.

3. Just like a bicycle, an unused chair you can use as a place for flowers or plants. This idea also suggests a unique vintage.

4. Besides being on the ground, vertical gardens also look unusual, especially if you use the former as a place for plants.

5. This garden decor is unusual and impress the rustic, old-style phone is a nice decoration for your garden theme.

6. The mailbox is already outside the room and close to the garden. So, why not try to make it part of your garden.

7. I thought what if an old suitcase goods made in the gardening? The result you can see for yourself if it is truly extraordinary. You will have plenty of room to plant anything in a large suitcase area.

8. This unusual garden item really looks beautiful with colorful flowers. Do not waste your old bag if they could be a beautiful garden decoration.

9. Believe this is not the front door of the house. Want to look shabby chic or rustic house style? You can try this unique idea.

10. Kids are happy with toys but not for a long time they will get bored quickly and forget their old toys. Parents who will not creative wits, old toys can also be converted into a cool pot plants.

11. Perhaps this DIY gardening idea is the most popular and many people already know. However I still include in our list today because who can resist plant pots made from old shoes.

12. In addition to vertical gardens, hanging pots we often encounter as part of garden decoration. But the difference, we will use the rice basket as a medium. You can paint it to make it look more beautiful.

13. Who says an old stove and kitchen equipment can not be used for decorating the garden? They can instead be a nice decoration and in the middle of a garden, you can even plant a lot of plants because there are many drawers and storage shelves.

14. Want a tropical garden decoration? Utilize your old surfboard as a place to plant among your tropical plants.

15. This idea is really crazy in my opinion but also very creative. Who would have thought a sink complete with plates of the former could be decorating this beautiful garden? I’m sure you also agree.


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