20 Most Creative Indoor Garden Ideas In Under The Stairs

There are always unexpected things about how people decorate their homes. For those of you who like plants and hobby gardening, perhaps the idea of the garden under the stairs can be something unique and interesting to try. Creating an indoor garden has been known for a long time, but utilizing the area under the stairs is truly brilliant. This garden idea will be a good introduction for the whole family to introduce greenery into the room. If usually the empty space under the stairs is often left just like that, even though the most common use makes it a storage area, but there are still many other ideas such as playrooms, home libraries, work spaces and my favorites such as indoor gardens. Today’s home designs more often use modern and minimalist concepts, so the use of stairs can be found in almost every home. This is why the stairs to be very central, especially for those who live in an apartment, townhouse or have limited land.

Indoor garden does not have to be always large, the right setting and the selection of plants is the key to your success in creating a beautiful garden and in accordance with your expectations. If by chance the space under the stairs you receive direct sunlight, it will be very good to plant some crops there, while for a more enclosed space you can choose plants that can grow with little sunlight. Do you like tropical forests? Gardens with a bohemian touch? Or modern garden designs using artificial lights? I’m sure you can do it. But if you still find it difficult to care for green plants, consider placing some fake plants to enhance the decoration. Here are the 20 most creative indoor garden ideas under the stairs that you should try yourself at home. Do not miss!

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