25 IKEA Besta And Stuva Hacks That Kids Will Love

IKEA is one of the leading furniture products that is child-friendly, and some products such as IKEA Besta and Stuva can really be adapted to the needs of your kids. Although both products are almost have similarities but there is little difference in sizes and designs available. Equally being stylish but plain furniture items that can be configured into a kids storage system. Remarkably, they are easy to be hacked to fit the concept of child space. Want to know how you can use it? In the following, I have compiled some of the best ideas from the hatching of IKEA Besta and Stuva, which are not to be missed. Let’s check it!

IKEA Besta

IKEA Besta is one of the children’s storage that must be secured to the wall. There are drawers and doors that close gently and gently, all thanks to the integrated soft-closing function. There are various forms of simple drawer which allows you to combine and decorate it as you wish, or place it where you need. Besta is very kid-friendly and can be used for various needs of your kids, as a storage unit, children’s closet, bedroom storage or as part of a child’s desk. Children can store items or sit on them. Doing various fun things like learning, painting or various other educational activities.









IKEA Stuva

IKEA Stuva is part of the furniture intended for kids. Of course, you can hack it and use it any way you want. Integrate your Stuva into your kids room, study room or kids playroom anywhere. You can make various combinations of storage units, desks, beds and objects that kids will definitely love. Painting or stenciling to choose bold colors that will enliven the look Stuva for kids. Combine black and white for an elegant look, or a Scandinavian or minimalist style room. For a brighter look, use Stuva in various colors to liven up the room.

















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