25 Modern Floating Stairs That Are Unique Choice

Stairs are always synonymous with terraced houses, both as a bridge between floors or making it easier for home owners to access rooms on higher floors. In addition to its function, the ladder can also be part of the decoration has its own aesthetic value. Currently there are many designs of stairs with various shapes and models, some people are very serious about designing their stairs according to the concept of their existing home. If you think the stairs are only a connecting road to the top floor, there is nothing wrong if you also pay attention to the beauty of the stairs so that the house has a more attractive aesthetic side.

Floating staircase design is one of my favorites for a modern style, this ladder is actually actually not even need a lot of material, but you should really pay attention to the safety factor because the stairs have to be designed very sturdy and can withstand heavy loads. At first glance, this staircase design looks like it’s floating in the air. Stair design like this also requires tremendous precision in order to survive and do not harm the homeowner. Even though it sounds a little scary, but if you think again about the uniqueness of the house then the floating staircase idea is worth considering. Today I have collected some inspiration for floating stairs with different options, and you just have to choose which staircase design is the best for your home!

Stairs with railings

Stair design is the same as floating staircase in general, but the difference you can add fence even though it looks sketchy. Some examples of floating stairs with railings you can install a safety wire or a transparent glass staircase. This method is very effective for making floating stairs without neglecting the safety factor, perfect for those of you who have children at home or parents who need extra security when they want to access the stairs.

Stairs without railings

Floating stairs without railings is my favorite, although it looks scary but I could not ignore the uniqueness that can be displayed. For this staircase design, you need to hire a designer or architect who is an expert in their field so that your stairs don’t collapse easily and can last a long time. In addition to wooden floating stairs, you can also make them from special glass for a sensation like walking in the air.


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