27 Incredible Places With Secret Room That Will You’ll Love

Secret rooms or hidden rooms may sound scary to some people, especially if you are a fan of horror films. But believe me, having a secret room to hide is really fun and you will dream of having one of them at home.

Secret Room That Is Useful

Everyone has a secret place as a child, a wonderful place where you can hide or do lots of fun things at home. If you are really lucky to have a secret room as a child, sometimes you often miss when fully grown, why not make the idea of a secret room that suits your own. Maybe now the secret room is no longer a kids playroom, many people build a secret room to optimize space or make the room look more presentable. Many extraordinary places that you can place in one room such as a room in the bedroom, closet in the bedroom, children’s playroom on the stairs, a secret library behind the wall and much more. You can also build a brilliant storage space using the idea of hidden spaces like being in a kitchen with a large cupboard or a secret door integrated with storage space.

Unexpected Space

Hidden space is said to be successful if no one else knows except you. That is why the secret room is a favorite place to hide or as a place to store anything that is only known by you. This room is quite unique because there is usually a secret door, even many people design their secret space really does not look like a door as access. They usually change objects, furniture, up to the wall as the entrance invisible. This room can be placed anywhere in your home, whether it’s behind a bookshelf, under a ladder, or behind an empty wall. This is something you might have dreamed of as a child or something you longed to have again. Secret room could really be a remarkable place, no matter what the size of your home, try to turn it into anything you want.


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