30 Cool Vehicle Parts Decor That All Men Will Love

For many women, men who like automobiles look cooler than most men in general. If you include him then I am sure you are a person who love tinkering with the engines, or even have some collection of vehicles either as a display or to support your daily routine. But have you ever wondered what to do with unused spare parts? Do you want to store it in a warehouse? Throw it away? Or want to turn them into cool decorations? Believe it or not, I have a way of turning your old car parts into useful items or furniture. Of course not only auto parts, here you will also see Parts turned into something really worthy and cool as a home decoration. I’m sure every part of your vehicle has its own memories whether intentional or not, they have become a part of your life.

Motorcycle parts decor

Do any of you like motorcycle collections? This vehicle does look handsome if a man drives it, besides being practical it is also cheaper than a car. But make no mistake, many motorcycle that has a price far from the price of the car. Using motorcycle parts is easier because they are usually smaller than auto parts. There are many ways you can do to turn motorcycle parts into a part of your home decor, even if every part of this vehicle can really be used. For example, you can make some cool DIY furniture such as lamps, clocks, tables or even benches for this man’s cave. This decoration is similar to industrial style with a masculine look which includes iron, machine parts, chains and much more. So, are you getting interested? Here I have compiled decoration motorcycle parts you make the best for inspiration. I hope this helps!

Car parts decor

I have seen many old cars that were just wrecked in the garage or abandoned by their owners. While it’s an eyesore with all the junk cars, I can’t help wondering if there might be a better way to turn some old parts or parts into something new and useful. Luckily, I came across tons of DIY projects that let you reuse old auto parts. If you like repurposing then you will not wait to find some spare parts of old cars in your garage. Speaking of turning trash into treasure, who would have thought that a car engine part could turn into a futuristic coffee shop or your old hood could be transformed into a piece of stunning home decor to the tiniest of spare parts into something really cool.


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