32 Adorable Shared Kids Bedroom For Boys And Girls

A priceless happiness was present in our family when we were blessed with twins, and they were boys and girls. Do you know what is best about twins? They will have friends from birth and we can see them grow together. Today I will share some ideas for designing shared kids bedroom for them. Combining kids room designs for both sexes might not be as easy as you imagine, in this case you can choose several options that suit the wishes of children such as designing a gender neutral child room or making a shared space by displaying two different designs namely for children boy and girl.

For boy and girl

Twins especially boys and girls usually have different sides and it has been seen since an early age. Shared kids rooms may still be used until they are 5 to 13 years old, so if you want two different zones, create something they like for both then divide the space using different colors or themes. For example, red is easy for girls and blue is for boys. The easiest way is to add a theme and divide two different zones, boys might be happy with a collection of toy cars or robots and girls with their dolls, make a special shelf to store this collection of toys with a unique design. You can design a shared bedroom and share it by highlighting each bedroom with a different bed sheet and blue or pink carpet. If you are creative enough, you can also add two accent walls using different paints or wallpapers for each child or even share them with stylish room dividers.





















For gender neutral

For those of you who don’t want to bother but want a kids room together, try the idea of a gender neutral kids bedroom. This idea is no less adorable and still adds style to a child’s room. Choose a neutral color, ornaments and decorations that are suitable for children. Some gender neutral colors such as green, gray, white, to go to a colorful children’s bedroom decor with vibrant prints. One thing you must remember, a kids shared bedroom must be comfortable for two kids, even though it is small, but if you pay attention to details and the right settings, even a gender neutral room can be a dream room for children.













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