34 Colorful Floor Design Ideas To Fix Your Mood

Color is an integral part of the interior, through the colors you can create themes and styles as you want. There are many ways to display colors to make the room look beautiful, wallpaper, stickers, and the easiest is to use paint that is used in almost every home. Apart from walls, painting and coloring the floor can be an interesting idea. If during this time we usually see the floor with neutral colors like white, wood brown, or gray, try this time to give bright colors that can satisfy any room with joy. I would like to invite you to play with many colors for the floor with a modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, rustic, to vintage decoration style. A colorful floor will be able to make a statement for any room, highlight the decor and make the room look bright. Today there will be many ideas colorful floor that you can choose include hardwood floors, tile, concrete up to marble.

Colorful Floor Paint

Floor paint is the easiest way and everyone’s favorite, you can even change the color of the old floor in this way without having to replace it with a new floor. Colorful paints make the room more lively and comfortable, but you have to choose floor paint colors that are in accordance with the concept of your room so that it doesn’t look contrasted, especially if you want a theme for the room. There are many floor paint colors that you can choose such as blue, green, yellow, purple, or pink, but you can also choose softer colors like pastel floors for a modern style.



























Colorful Floor

Currently there are many floor designs with colors that you can choose according to taste. This is the most convenient way to get the decor, especially those of you who want to renovate or build a new indoor space. You can buy colorful ceramic tiles or floors for use in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen because it can last a long time and is also practical. Another advantage, this model’s floor is easier to clean than just painted floors. Tiles or marble have a size large enough and easily adjusted to the area of your room, you can even add a pattern to display a different impression.









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