35 DIY Dog Feeding Station Ideas That Safe For Pets

If you are an animal lover, especially dogs, surely you will try to treat them with compassion. There are many ways to show your love for pets, and one of them is to maintain a healthy diet both when feeding and drinking. But many dog owners don’t understand how to keep a feeding station safe for pets. You must consider several factors that could dog feeding station remains sterile and comfortable when it came time to eat and drink. Placing a dog food station in the best area of your home, or combining it with other furniture can help save space. We all know that the average dog food station needs a lot of space, which is why you need to clean it up with some DIY projects yourself.

In addition to its strategic location, the height of the food station can also protect your dog from bacteria, which is often a problem with dogs. So, keep the place clean dog food is needed for a pet dog to be healthy. Putting together a dog food station with a dog room is indeed the easiest way to organize a room, but of course it will cost a lot of money. Making a DIY dog food station is a practical and easy solution, but you should keep it on average about 10 inches in height, use stainless steel or ceramic dog bowls for animals instead of plastic. This material is not easily scratched which will reduce bacteria that will be potentially dangerous for your dog.

Many DIY dog feeding stations are portable, they are usually easily adjustable in height and can be moved. Make a solid unit and have anti-skid pads on the bottom of his feet so as not to shift when the dog began to eat, try to bowl you use more than one hole to accommodate several foods at once. In the following, I have put together 35 ideas for DIY dog feeding stations that will help you take better care of your dog. Get inspired!


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