38 Fun DIY Seashells Decor Ideas Like A Holiday

Summer is almost felt around, that means there will be a lot of holiday decorations for this season. Then what kind of appropriate holiday decorating trends for your home? I think there is nothing better than bringing the feel of a beach with ornament shells, starfish, and coral reefs. But not everyone can optimize the breath of the ocean into their homes, usually they just put everything in a jar or bowl and just display it. Today I want to invite you to make a different beach decoration with shells, there are lots of fun DIY seashells projects that will make your home like a holiday. So, do not miss to see these photos that will help you find your home decor with ocean vibe that is easy to try. If you can’t get to the beach lately, why not bring a holiday feel to your home?

Seashells are everyone’s favorite decoration when it comes to beach themes. Showing shells can be a simple way to really look complicated according to your creativity. Usually people like to collect shells in a bowl of glass or clay that looks trendy but you can also combine it with other furniture such as glass, table lamps, wall art, hangings and much more. You can make your own DIY seashells project to decorate the house, maybe you have found shells when walking on the beach and you can display them with photo frames, I’m sure some decorations sometimes have memories for their owners. Another trick is to put everything you like with the shells, use simple ingredients like mason jars, ropes, and take hot glue so you can create anything with seashell decoration.

Shells are great for beach-themed homes. Use them in any part of your room such as tables, chairs, picture frames, fireplaces, lighting and many other things then you will get style. Another interesting idea, you even made garlands with them, there are many of DIY that you can use to create such a holiday beach vibe. In the following, I have gathered 38 DIY seashell decorating ideas and bring holidays to your home!


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