3D Printed Dog Houses Made From 1000 Tennis Balls

This dog house is made entirely of 1,000 tennis balls held in a 3D printed modular support structure. Designed by CallisonRTKL and auctioned off to benefit the SPCA of Texas. Having a Dallas-based architectural and design office, he designed the Fetch House as a unique modular dog house. I think that dog lovers will love this, and if by chance you’re a tennis fan then this dog house should have. The ball is in place with compression but can easily be pulled out for a catch. When you are done playing with your dog, the ball can be returned to the wall of the dog house and it becomes a cozy dog house.

You can build this dog house yourself according to your wishes. It is designed as a kit with modules that are combined with no tools required. Thanks to the modular design, the dog house can be modified and expanded by adding more modules to suit your dog’s size. So, it’s not limited to the standard size.

The dog house is quite functional due to the nature of its design allows the balls can be removed at random to allow more air or light to enter. This is a practical solution to an attractive dog house rather than a regular dog house.

source: design-milk


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