40 Striped Accent Walls That Easiest

If you ask what is the easiest decoration for interior walls? Then I would be happy to say the lines is the easiest accent and everyone’s favorite. When it comes to decorating a room, stripes have all the variety you need. They can be horizontal, vertical, single line, multiple lines, outline, sloping, jagged to colorful. Best of all, you don’t have to accent stripes all over the wall to increase the style, for example you can make one section of the wall striped while the rest of the wall is left as is. Painting basic lines on the wall is quite easy, you can choose classic lines in black and white or make it more varied by adding some color.

The first step, you need to decide how thick the line you want to use, use tape to mark the border, then fill the line with the paint color you want. You can create vertical or horizontal lines into any space such as a living room, bedroom, kids room to the bathroom. But if you don’t want to bother with brushes, there are plenty of striped wallpapers you can choose from as you wish. You can get striped wallpapers that are easy to open and remove, so you can change them at will if you are bored or want to create new decorations with your favorite accents.

Striped accent walls are the same as linear patterns in general, so make sure you measure and determine what pattern will work in the dimensions of your room. The easiest way is to consider whether the pattern you are making is parallel to the floor and sky, so that the pattern you make does not look contrasting and it makes the interior worse. Make sure the lines symmetrical to each other, for example, a wider line is easier to understand, while small lines remain clearly visible. If you put the stripes on the wall with a flat surface, I’m sure you won’t have any problems. But it is different if you are in an old house with sloping floors or uneven ceilings, you need to work around this by covering them with furniture or curtains.


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