6 Cozy Areas In The House Before Starting Your Morning Routine

Everyone has their own way to start the day, and adding the warmth of the new season to the morning routine will be much more enjoyable. Take advantage of the morning freshness and warmth this season even before you started activities throughout the day. See how much comfort this area can maintain your mood and increase your productivity just by making small adjustments, and enjoy the positive relaxation that accompanies it. If getting up early feels hard for most people, then create a refreshing area by changing some of the spaces that can generate personal happiness. Create your relaxation space at home and start turning some areas into intelligent and comfort rituals

Today I have collected 6 cozy areas in the house that can be your motivation before starting the morning routine. From the warm balcony to the refreshing backyard to the living room filled with relaxation areas. Here’s what you need to start the day full of happiness

1. Backyard

The best reason to wake up early is to enjoy the freshness of the morning. Don’t rush back into the house and the backyard becomes my first favorite area to relax. Take advantage of the sunshine to bask and breathe the freshness of the morning with fresh air. Add a sitting area and make your backyard look natural by planting lots of plants.

2. Dining room

Some people like to delay their morning breakfast, even some who forget about breakfast. Though breakfast is very important to maintain concentration and restore your stamina. Enjoying breakfast in the cozy dining room, even the simplest morning meals such as coffee and bread are something special. Although small, but the idea of this dining room really creates a pleasant feel.

3. Living room

The living room is not just a place where you receive guests. With the right settings this area can be a favorite area in the morning especially if you don’t have a family room. Add a bohemian feel to the living room by adding a hammock or candle that soothes the heart.

4. Terrace

There is nothing more comfortable than enjoying a beautiful morning on the terrace. This area is the front of the house which is always everyone’s favorite. Complete with comfortable furniture such as chairlift, a sofa and a few pieces of blankets if you still want to laze around. To add freshness to your terrace, then place lots of plants around the terrace to feel more natural.

5. Bathroom

Bathing is the most lazy thing in the morning, but what if your bathroom is designed like a pleasant spa? Bathtub with aromatherapy candles, a favorite book, warm water and if necessary prepare your work from the bathroom.

6. Balcony

Although not all houses have balconies, if you have this area then you are very lucky. This small area can be transformed into a comfortable relaxing area to enjoy the morning of the new season. Put some cozy furniture, bedding and some warm drinks and enjoy the beauty around from the top balcony.


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