BYGGLEK: Dreamy Kids Toys Collection From IKEA And LEGO

LEGO is a classic toy that is very popular today, even my kids played with it and had several pieces in the LEGO collection. Children love to play LEGO blocks without knowing the time and place, and it often leaves chaos, and it’s not uncommon for these LEGO blocks to be trampled and scattered everywhere. That’s why you need LEGO storage boxes to avoid unwanted things and make children feel safe. Luckily, my favorite furniture company IKEA collaboration with LEGO to create a storage called BYGGLEK. It is a white box with four sizes and can hold hundreds of LEGOs and you can easily stack them because they are designed like giant LEGO blocks. The BYGGLEK collection consists of a set of three small boxes, and two sets of larger boxes, and a LEGO for immediate experience from the moment you get your package.

BYGGLEK very flexible that it can be used with any LEGO elements of existing and future thanks to buttons are placed carefully in front of the lid and make it part of the game system. The designer has worked with child psychologists, this research has resulted that children can’t see the pile of LEGO on the floor like chaos, they even see it as a creative environment. So, BYGGLEK is the solution for storage and IKEA has managed to make it happen in this series of LEGO storage boxes. As we know, every IKEA product can always be paired with other IKEA products, so that your child’s creativity becomes a great and unique decoration at home.

designer: IKEA and Lego

source: yankodesign


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