Welcome Ramadan: 7 Ways To Table Settings You Must Know

What did you miss the most during Ramadan? For me, Ramadan became a time for self introspection and get closer to God. But it is undeniable that Ramadan always brings peace to the heart, and for a whole month we will be fasting which is the duty of all Muslims in the world. There are different relics this year, we must all be at home and forbidden to worship at the mosque. One thing that has never been lost, even for Ramadan this time, is the time of being together while sitting at the dinner table enjoying a meal and breaking fast with family.

This is what I always longed for every coming of Ramadan, there will be a lot of sweet and tasty dishes on the table, and I completely understand the meaning of family. Today I want to inspire you by setting the Ramadan table which will also make your Ramadan more meaningful. From table settings with mosque decorations to luxurious gold accents. These are 7 things that you will consider when it comes to Ramadan table settings.

1. Give Gold Accents

Ramadan also means party celebration for Muslims, and add a luxurious feel to the dining table will make your meal more memorable event. The colors and gold accents are very popular this year, they can be good table decorations during Ramadan. Use tableware with nuances of gold such as on a spoon, fork, plate or other cutlery. You can even mix several different colors to make it feel neutral.

2. Decorate Plates

The plate is important eating utensils wherever you hold the event. Try decorating dishes with the theme of Ramadan this year, this method will surprise your family members when they want to start eating. Add the theme of Ramadan like a sign or other accessories and place it on a plate, I think this is the first time you start eating.

3. Add Balloons

Make your Ramadan table more festive like a party with colorful balloons. Although this is just a regular meal with the family, but the first dawn can be very heavy for some family members, especially children. Adding balloons will not only make your dining room more cheerful, but kids will also like it.

4. Nature Inspired With Plants

Ramadan also means closer to the natural surroundings, appreciate and love your environment into a positive thing at this time. Putting plants in the room must be on our list today. They will not only cool your dining room but also cool your heart.

5. Colorful Tablecloths

So that your Ramadan table settings look more trendy, try to add tablecloths with Islamic nuances. This Moroccan style or handmade tablecloth is a great example of being in the center of a table.

6. Mosque Accents

We all know that a mosque is the house of Muslims. You can make this a nice Ramadan table decoration for your meal. DIY handmade mosques and mosque-shaped bread is not until you miss.

7. With Candles

Do you currently spend Ramadan alone with your couple? Why not make it feel romantic. Change the dining table becomes the most romantic area with wax decoration of Ramadan. This idea is quite easy and you can do it in just a few minutes.


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