Wooden And Acrylic Pieces Furniture That Combine To Unlimited Time

Inspired by the ticking time of the day, Brazilian designer Tatiane Freitas has succeeded in creating a timeless collection of furniture called the My Old New Series which he describes as embodying feelings of lightness as well as exposing the constant restlessness caused by perceptions of how time flows. At first glance, this furniture arrangement reminds us of the Japanese “Kintsugi” art where you put back a broken pot using gold. So any cracks are recombined to be a unique work of art. It has a similar base to it but what distinguishes designers from equipping furniture with acrylic.

According to Freitas, this furniture offers freedom and shares the momentum of development. Still with questions, space, breath that never ends, but get without fear of possibilities in the fields along the road and hope for the future that is untouched. We all know that time causes everything to be damaged, so how do you lift it when a part is missing? The solution is to rebuild the dream by gluing back the cracks that are manifested in this series of furniture.

source: yankodesign


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